Hi Everyone.

This is hopefully the very first of thousands of articles about the ins and outs of joyful wood-working projects. I spent a lot of time growing up around my shipwright father and some very skilful tradesmen who worked for him.  I remember the smell of sawdust and “Well-wood” glue well.  I couldn’t wait to finish my chores around his dockyard to go pound nail in wood just for the heck of it. This evolved into making wooden boyhood toys.  By the time I finished junior college, I had information in my head about the steps to making simple cabinet and other types of wood projects. I had never actually done one myself.  But I really wanted to.  It took another 20 years before I would be able to purchase some basic wood shop tools and begin to actually make stuff. Today I wonder if I missed my true calling when I decided to be a social worker.

I really love to get home, take off my office clothes, jump into something way more comfortable, and go get my hands on my latest wood project.  It might sound weird to some people, but after an entire week of dealing with my own, as well as other people’s stress, nothing is more relaxing than working with your hands.

This blog design is still in the initial set-up stages, but I thought it might be best to just jump right in and publish my first post.  Some tentative plans:

  1. Actual finished projects, with pictures galore showing how projects were planned, started, and finished.
  2. I’m hoping that we eventually have at least a few other authors, as well as scores of guest bloggers who have something to say that will be helpful to you from time to time.  Maybe you can do so yourself!
  3. Tool reviews
  4. Tips and tricks galore. References too.  Lots of information is already available on the web, and there is no point in reinventing the wheel.
  5. News about project plans.  Some of you may like to design your own projects, but if you’re like me, you’ll want someone else to do that so you can get right down to business.

If you have suggestions of your own, do feel free to send us your comments.  I want this to be a place for amateur woodworkers, by amateur woodworkers.  That’s why I’m blogging this.